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Crusher Machine

Which crusher machine do you have

Jaw crusher, Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher and VSI Crusher Machine.

What is the difference between jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and vsi sand making machine?

Jaw crushers are typically used for primary crushing, utilizing compressive force to crush hard and medium-hard materials(limestone, granit, river stone, basalt, etc.).
Cone crushers are suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing, with a cone-shaped crushing chamber and eccentric rotation to crush hard and ultra-hard materials(granite, basalt, andesite, etc.).
Impact crushers use impact force to break materials, suitable for both primary and secondary crushing, especially for materials that are not very hard(limestone and especially for construction wastes.).
VSI sand-making machines are vertical shaft impact crushers that use high-speed rotation to throw materials against anvils or rock shelves, resulting in fine sand particles.

How can I choose a suitable crusher?

1.The hardness and moisture content of your raw materials.
2.The ideal crushing capacity(t/h) that your construction project need.
3.Max. feeding size of the crushing machine.
4. Select a crushing plant with various output size.

Can the crusher be used in both mobile crushing plant and fixed crushing plant?

Yes. Choosing a mobile crushing plant or a stationary crushing plant depends on the size of your site, the length of the construction period, etc. The crushers used are the same.

Crushing Plant

About Raw Material
About Finished Product
About Crushing Plant

What types of raw materials are suitable for the crushing plant?

Rock: Limestone, Granite, Marble, Basalt, Andesite, Cobblestone, River Stone, etc.
Ore: Copper Ore, Iron ore, Gold Ore, etc.
Construction Wastes: Concrete Wastes, Bricks Wastes, Asphalt Wastes, etc.

What’s the Max. feeding size of the crushing plant?

No more than 700mm.

What’s the capacity of your crushing plant?

The capacity of the mobile type crushing plant is 100-500t/h and the stationary crushing plant is up to 1200t/h.

What are the relevant indicators of the finished product of the crushing plant?

1. Total output: The total output is generally based on how many tons of stones are crushed per hour, that is, the expected production efficiency.
2. Grading requirements: Usually there are several specifications such as 0~5mm, 5~15mm, 15~25mm, 25~40mm, etc.
3. Granularity requirements: the percentages of needles and flakes allowed for products of various specifications.

The use of common stones processed by the crusher plant?

1. River pebble: a high-quality sand-making raw material, which is the best choice to replace natural sand in terms of strength, grain shape, and color.
2. Quartz sand: It is a high-quality raw material for sand making, which can reach or even surpass natural sand in terms of strength and the grain shape.
3. Limestone: In the gravel production line, it can be used as the raw material of sand and gravel at the same time, and the stone powder can also be reused, mostly used in wall and floor tiles.
4. Granite: Granite with high quartz content and low sulfide content is a high-quality raw material for sand making, but the problem of excessive powder must be solved.
5. Basalt: Sand made of basalt is mostly used in concrete, which can reduce the weight of concrete, but the structure is still very strong, and it has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a good aggregate for lightweight concrete in high-rise buildings.

What are the usual configurations of a crushing plant?

Vibrating feedeer, primary crusher, secondary crusher, vibrating screen, conveying belt, sand washing machine(if needed), dust control and suppression system, control system, iron remover, etc. The configuration can be customized by the condition of your crushing project.

Does the crushing plant meet environmental emission standards?

Yes. However, emission requirements will be somewhat different in different countries/regions. You can send local emission requirements, our technical group will match the appropriate exhaust treatment process according to requirements.

Can you help me upgrade and setup a full crushing plant for my business?

Of course. We can provide this service. If you want to replace equipment or improve the efficiency of your crushing plant, please contact us and our engineers will provide you with a solution.

Mobile Crushing Plant

What’s the advantage of mobile crusher plant?

Mobile crushing plants offer several key advantages over stationary plants. Their flexibility and mobility allow them to be easily transported and set up in various locations, saving time and money on transportation costs. They are compact, efficient, and versatile, capable of processing a wide range of materials while optimizing production and minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, mobile plants often have lower emissions and noise levels, reducing environmental impact.

Which should I choose between a mobile crusher plant and stationary crushing plant?

Choosing between a mobile crushing plant and a stationary crushing plant depends on several factors, including project requirements, material type and quantity, transportation costs, environmental impact, and budget.
Mobile plants offer flexibility and mobility, allowing for easy transportation and quick setup in different locations. They are compact, efficient, and versatile, suitable for processing various materials with optimized production and minimized energy consumption.
On the other hand, stationary plants may be more suitable for long-term projects with large material quantities and stable production requirements. They can be customized to fit specific project needs and may have lower operating costs due to their permanent nature.
The choice between a mobile or stationary crushing plant depends on your needs: mobile units are better for short-term projects that require frequent travel while stationary ones are recommended for more time-intensive jobs that remain in one spot.

What is the difference between a tire-mounted mobile crusher plant and a crawler mobile crusher plant?

Tire-type mobile crusher plant: it needs to rely on the semi-trailer head for traction. It has the characteristics of a short wheelbase and a small turning radius. It is not easy to damage the road surface and can be driven flexibly on ordinary roads and in the work area. Wheel-type mobile crushers are easily transported on roads and highways, suitable for urban areas and flat terrains; Ideal for stable and well-paved surfaces.
Crawler-type mobile crusher plant: It adopts self-hydraulic drive and uses crawler belts to realize in-situ steering. It can be operated by wireless remote control, and it is very easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the job site. Crawler mobile crusher is suitable for various terrains, including rough and uneven surfaces; and the crawler crusher is effective on diverse terrains, including rocky, uneven, or soft ground.

Ball Mill

What’s the raw materials of Ball Mill?

The ball mill is suitable for grinding ores coal, limestone, clinker, slag, and others. Ball mills can also produce powders, alloys, and nanomaterials.

How is the company’s strength?

China’s export sales performance ranks first in the solid waste treatment industry.

Which field can Ball Mill applied in?

The Ball Mill is widely used in non-ferrous metal mining, non-metallic mining building materials, the chemical industry, electric power, cement, silicate products, and refractory materials, etc.

What’s the feeding size of Ball Mill?


What is the discharge size of the ball mill?

The finished product is 0.074-0.89mm.

What’s the processing capacity of Ball Mill?


AIMIX Service

How could I maintain the machine which is bought from you?

Firstly, in warranty time, we will send parts for you freely. Our technicians will go to our customers country regularly and maintain the machine for them. Secondly, you could send your technician to our factory, our professional staff will train your technician.

Can I visit your factory in China?

We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory in China. If you are interested, please contact AIMIX in advance.

What does your after-sales service include?

We provide comprehensive after-sales service including equipment installation and debugging, operational training, regular maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ crushing equipment operates continuously and efficiently.

How do you handle equipment failures?

In case of equipment failure, clients can report the issue through our after-sales service hotline or online platform. We promptly arrange for technical

What is the discharge size of the ball mill?

The finished product is 0.074-0.89mm.

Does your company’s crushing equipment have certificates?

Yes, our crushing equipment has obtained IOS and CE certificates.