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Excavator Hydraulic Breakers For Sale

Hydraulic breakers for sale

Aimix Hydraulic Breakers are also called hydraulic hammers, which is a breaker tool installed in the front part of a hydraulic excavator (or loader) to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, mainly used to break large hard objects into small pieces for convenient transportation, use, construction. Such as rock crushing, concrete crushing, house demolition, and secondary crushing, etc. Our Hydraulic Breakers are well received by customers for long service life and stable working performance.

Using occasions of the hydraulic breakers: Derusting and derusting of ship hull, Repair of highway and breakage of cement pavement, Demolition of furnace and equipment in metallurgical industry; Crushing of reinforced concrete in construction; Mining; Breaking ice and permafrost, etc.

Hydraulic breakers for sale
    • Hydraulic breakers for sale-Triangle type
    • Breaker weight: 1630-4860Kg
    • Suitable for excavator: 20-70 ton excavator, suitable for different brands excavators, can be customized
    • Application: mainly used for the primary or secondary crushing of mines
    • Advantage: Aimix Breaker is designed mainly to focus on the breaking job. Aimix’s focus is to optimize impact power, enhance durability, satisfy customer convenience and maintain easily.
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Hydraulic breakers for sale
    • Hydraulic breakers for sale-Vertical type
    • Breaker weight: 89-867Kg
    • Suitable for excavator: 1.5-15 ton
    • Application: mainly used for urban roads or small-scale demolition operations, and used in site earthwork, etc.
    • Advantages of using breaking hammer: safety, environmental protection, especially for places where the environment is more important and areas where explosives are not allowed to be used.
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Specification of Hydraulic Breakers:

Model AIB03 AIB04 AIB06 AIB08
Housing weight (kg) 130 155 361 451
Top mount 95 158 343 410
Side mount 95 158 263 335
Tool diameter(mm) 45 53 68 75
Operating pressure (bar) 90~120 90~120 110~140 120~150
Flow(l/min.) 20~40 25~50 40~70 50~90
Frequency(bpm) 700~1,200 600~1,100 500~900 400~800
Carrier weight(t) 1~3 2.5~4.5 4~7 6~9

If you need additional help or have further questions about the hydraulic breakers contact us. If you have questions about pricing or shipping, simply complete our “Get a Quote” request form and a member of our sales team will contact you directly.

Aimix Hydraulic Breaker Video:

How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Breakers for Excavator?

Point 1: Hydraulic breakers(hammers) are mainly distinguished by drill rod diameter. Common drill rod diameters are 68cm, 75cm, 85cm, 100cm, 135cm, 140cm, 150cm, 155cm, 160cm, 165cm, 175cm, 185cm, 190cm. 195cm, 200cm, etc. Different diameters correspond to different excavators:

Drill Rod Diameter(cm) Suitable Excavator Choose For You
68cm 5-6 ton Click for inquiry
75-85cm 7-8 ton Click for inquiry
85-100cm 9-12 ton Click for inquiry
134-140cm 20-25 ton Click for inquiry
150-165cm 30-38 ton Click for inquiry
185-190cm 40-46 ton Click for inquiry
195-200cm 50 ton Click for inquiry

Point 2: Hydraulic breakers(hammers) are divided into different shapes: triangle and vertical straight hammers. What is the difference between these two types of breakers? How to choose?

Triangle rock breaker works at a little far position from the excavator. Usually the triangle rock breaker is small & light, which will keep the excavator stable. As for construction like mine, road, you’d better use triangle rock breaker, because it’s more convenient for maintenance and has more stable structure.

Installation position of excavator with vertical breaker is a little bit higher. For the construction work like horizontal or groove, vertical breaker working range is larger, and reduce move frequency during work. Vertical breaker has bigger direct force and advantaged in vertical hit especially for crushing stone. More spacious vision while operating excavator with vertical breaker, the operator can see the break material clearly. For construction like house demolition, horizontal work which needs to consider structure question, maintenance, it’s better to use vertical rock breaker.

Aimix hydraulic rock breaker quality assurance

1. Strike strength—The strike strength of a hydraulic rock breaker is one of the most important factors in its measurement standard. AIMIX have high demand of process design, processing technology, assembly process, processing equipment accuracy, product material, etc. Our hydraulic breakers have been exported to more than 60 countries with over 80,000 clients.

2. Reliable stability-although the structure of the hydraulic rock breaker is simple, but precision is very high. The precision is required to reach plus or minus 0 to 1 wire.

3. Long service life-a reliable quality hydraulic rock breaker can be used for at least 3 to 5 years in addition to normal maintenance. Its core components will not have serious problems. (Note: Except for violent use, the service life of breaker may be reduced cause of mine using)

Aimix Hydraulic Breaker Cases Display
Aimix Hydraulic Breaker Cases Display

Up to now, our hydraulic rock breakers have exported to the Global Market more than 76000+ sets and delivered to 96+ countries, such as: Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji, United Kingdom, etc, and won praise from customers in the international market. If you have any need, welcome to contact us.

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