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mobile crusher Madagascar case

Mobile Crushing Plant Export to Madagascar: Ideal For Road Construction

Information of Crushing Plant

Raw Materials:
60 TPH
Main Crusher:
Jaw Crusher + Cone crusher
Application Field:
Road Construction
Order Time:
March, 2021

Cooperation Process Between AIMIX And The
Customer From Madagascar

Briefly Introduction

Here represent a remarkable case of AIMIX exporting a compact mobile crushing plant to Madagascar in March 2021. The primary objective of this project was to improve the existing road infrastructure, making it ideal for road construction purposes.
This innovative combination mobile crushing plant, with a production capacity of 60 tons per hour, comprises essential components such as a feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, PLC control system, and magnetic separator. The processing material for this project was limestone.

mobile crusher Madagascar
Client Needs

Our client sought a reliable and high-performing mobile crushing solution capable of processing limestone for road construction projects. Our company was entrusted to provide a comprehensive solution that could meet these specific requirements.

road construction Ma
road construction
Crushing Solution

Understanding the unique needs of our client, we customized a mobile crushing plant that perfectly addressed their objectives.
Configuration: Vibrating feeder, Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Vibrating Screen, etc.

Equipment Production

Our team meticulously manufactured the mobile crushing plant, ensuring superior quality and adherence to project specifications. Every component, including the feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, PLC control system, and magnetic separator, was carefully constructed to meet the client’s requirements.

production Madagascar case
screen production Madagascar case
cone production Madagascar case
Packaging and Shipping

After rigorous quality checks and testing, the mobile crushing plant was carefully packaged to ensure safe transportation to Madagascar. We prioritized secure packaging to protect the equipment during transit, considering the long journey and varying environmental conditions.

package Madagascar case
package delivery Madagascar
package and delivery Madagascar

mobile crusher production Madagascar
transportation Madagascar
crusher plant transportation Madagascar
On-Site Running

Upon arrival in Madagascar, our experienced technicians conducted on-site commissioning and installation of the mobile crushing plant. They worked closely with the client’s team to ensure seamless integration of the equipment with the existing infrastructure and optimal performance. Site Debugging and Testing: Our technicians conducted thorough debugging and testing to ensure the mobile crushing plant operated flawlessly. They carefully calibrated the components, fine-tuned the PLC control system, and verified the system’s overall efficiency and reliability.

screening Madagascar case
screening stone Madagascar
screening stone Madagascar case

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