About Aimix

With more than 40 years development, Aimix has become one of the leading professional manufacturers and exporters of Construction Machinery in China. Till now, Aimix factory covers over 120,000 ㎡ and employs about 1000 persons, which include engineer, worker, salesman, and service person. We’ve certified by ISO 9001: 2000 and have passed SGS test. At present, our products are popular in domestic and foreign.

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About Aimix

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Aimix Group In Pakistan

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AIMIX Service Assurance

To ensure high efficiency, Aimix dealers send trained technicians to advise client’s installation and operation. Through this innovative solutions, the success of client’s business enables to achieve.

Aimix Extended Warranty

Aimix Extended Warranty means that we can provide additional warranty coverage beyond the scope of the standard Aimix warranty.
Two levels of extended warranty are available : Power train and Full Machine coverage.

Each warranty includes repairing or replacing any parts which are defective in material or damage in workmanship.

* The content of Aimix Extended Warranty may vary for different market.
Please contact your Aimix dealer for further information.

Aimix Regular Maintenance Program

Aimix Regular Maintenance is our service philosophy based on the Aimix corporate business philosophy and culture. This is our commitment to provide value beyond clients’ expectation. Because our customers are the reason why we exist and the objective we strive to improve.

What we provide?
Regular inspections of package and maintenance service, designed by Aimix dealers.

What are the BENEFITS?
1. Maximize productivity with a proactive approach, you can optimize machine availability by minimizing unexpected failures!

2. Protect valuable equipment investment, choosing Aimix Maintenance Program is the EASIEST and the SUREST way to protect the value of your capital investment!

Track Inspection

Construction machinery consumable parts have a limited lifespan against wear, and need to be replaced if they reach their wear limits.

if the equipment continues to be used without changing the worn parts, it may result in an excessive external force and abnormal level, which can impact to significantly degrade the undercarriage components, and raising the possibility of the equipment halting.

That is why periodic tracks inspection of the equipment is required.

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